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Made chicken fingers....brought into work with 3 sauces, Medium...Wy's Guy... & Sweet & Tangy Hot, All freaking fantastic!  ... And I know my sauces.
- Joe Stevenson, Rochester, NY

"Love the SAUCE IT ALL! So delicious...wishing I had a straw to slurp up the remainder! :)"

- Kelly Kaiser


This is hands down the most amazing wings I have ever had.  (theWingGuy - Wy's Wings Vending Division)

- Caitlin McLean


I am a huge wing fan. When I saw that my favorite brewery, Adroit Theory, was having someone selling wings, I was definitely intrigued. The first time I got over there, the wings smelled amazing, but I did not have a chance to try them. So today I went to pick up a few things and the smell was again intoxicating. I wasn't planning on getting any, but I couldn't resist anymore. These were hands down the BEST wings I have ever had. The wings were fried to perfection and the sauce was amazing. Not only the trademark heat, but amazing and complex flavor. Now I won't be able to go to ATBC without also making a stop at my new favorite wing place, The Wing Guy!  (theWingGuy - Wy's Wings Vending Division)

- Joshua Herndon


So let me say first that I don't like chicken wings. Just don't get the fascination with them. The only way they are remotely tolerable is if I drench them in ranch dressing. But let's be honest, an old fried shoe is go with enough ranch dressing.  Just went to Vino 9 and had the wings from the wing guy.   I now know why I don't like wings.  Because I've never had them from THE wing guy. (Didn't even realize I forgot to get ranch dressing.)  Now I get what everyone else is raving about.   Completely changed my mind about wings.   Of course I will only ever be able to eat these wings so I we will have to chase The Wing Guy wherever he may be to get my newly formed wing addiction.  Compliments to chef AMAZING!   (theWingGuy - Wy's Wings Vending Division)  

- Lee Anne Smith Ross
The wings were awesome!! Upstate New York is wing country and these are great wings! So many flavors so little time. Can't wait to dig into some left overs!  ...  Two thumbs up!!
- Marci Albright Hart
So all my friends know how much I love wings and this "Guys" wings and sauce is awesome! We need one in DC! 
- Milton Lee McCall Jr.  
I've got to say The Wing Guy knows his wings! Just delicious! Some of the best wings I've ever had.
- Laura Mance 
Working with business people who have a singular passion for their craft is awesome - the Wing Guy is just that person! Great service, amazing wings and sauces. He's got mucho pride/passion!
- Tracy Till  
I love wings...I order them and eat them all over the DC area and I have to tell you...seriously...The Wing Guy wings are some of the best I've ever had. It has something to do with those crazy sauces he has...too good I tell you...too good!
- Sabrina Barnhart  
Their sauces are absolutely delicious.
- Meg Simpson Cohen  
I'm from Buffalo area and these wings are the best I've ever had!!!  ...  Sauce is magic!   Wy's knows wings. 
- Bethany Orosz  
I love wings and grew up eating them in upstate NY.  Amazing sauce and best wingsI have had!!!
- Kaley O'Brien Buchanon  
Tried this place out today and it was amazing!!!  
- Tanya Redman  
I have been enjoying Wings from the Wing Guy for over 15 years now. I could never get tired of them, as they are excellent. 
- Brian LePage